If you see this on my stream then I have RP card to give away until I’m out.

I will be giving away a $10 RP card any time the following happens:

  • I win a promo series
  • I win 3 games in a row (count resets if this is achieved)
  • I win a game with 0 deaths OR I get rated an S+
  • Randomly after a game

There is a special condition for which I will give away a $25 RP card so make sure to stay tuned to the stream.

Whenever one of the above conditions is met I will have a viewer chosen at random who must reply in the chat when I say who wins. This announcement will be verbal so if somebody has the stream open but has it paused and only watching the chat it will be beneficial for you as a viewer not to type in the chat who wins. If that person does not reply in the chat within a couple of minutes then somebody else will be selected at random. Only 1 card will be given away at a time even if two conditions are met simultaneously.

Anybody is eligible to win.