RuneScape was probably my first big venture into online gaming. I started playing this in my freshman year of high school and was quickly immersed in the world. Back then I was playing on an old computer with a dial-up internet connection and the game was pretty laggy but I enjoyed the game too much to even care. Looking back at when I first started playing before RS3 came out I was a terribly inefficient player and didn’t even have a 99 skill. After RS3 came out I stopped playing, the game changed too much and was not the game I had enjoyed for years prior until Jagex released a poll for Oldschool Runescape.

In 2016 I started up an Oldschool Runescape account. Starting my entire account over was kind of lame but it allowed me to keep my username of ThaggleS and make it a pure account! I have since then reached 99 range and am currently in the 90s for strength, hp, and fletching. Eventually I would like to start PKing after I achieve 99 strength but at the moment I am not great with switches or PKing in general. Feel free to catch me in my clan chat if you’d like to PK some time.